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Hands-on MassageTherapy



Massage therapy involves the manipulation of muscles and other soft tissues.  It helps by treating a wide range of conditions, including muscle spasm and pain, soreness from injury, and headaches.  It relieves pain by promoting muscle relaxation; by increasing lymphatic circulation which helps reduce inflammation; by breaking up scar tissue and adhesions; by promoting blood flow through the muscles; and by promoting drainage of the sinus fluids.

We offer the classic Swedish Massage which uses kneading, stroking, tapping and shaking to induce the body to relax.  Swedish massage can also relieve soreness and swelling, as well as promote rehabilitation after an injury. 

We also offer Deep Tissue Massage which is used to release chronic muscular tension.  It is applied with greater pressure and on deep muscles than the classic Swedish massage.  It generally focuses on a specific problem area.



A dry water massage bed is available to to our patients.  While lying on the bed you float upon a cushion of air while strategically-placed water massage jets produce the effects of a deep-tissue massage, using water, heat therapy and hydromassage.

The aqua bed massage, hydrotherapy water massage bed offers unlimited preset programs, allowing for full-body or isolated, customized aqua bed massage treatments. The aqua bed water massage is ideal for helping in rehabilitation, health and wellness, pain management, arthritis relief, lymphatic drainage, stress management, stress reduction. Hydromassage® water massage beds help heal those in pain and give all patients the experience of a relaxing, rejuvenating water massage.

Chair Massage


You can enjoy gentle and relaxing chair massage in our waiting room with our Human Touch® massage chairs.  The chairs provide a full-body massage from neck to foot, four therapeutic massage techniques:  rolling, kneading, compression and percussion; three pre-programmed massage sessions; customizable massage intensity, speeds and settings and power recline all with an easy to use remote control.

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